We offer programs, activities and resources for children, teens, and adults living in a western area of Lake Worth in Palm Beach County. Our staff provides innovative services ranging from early literacy for young children to college preparations for teens to parenting workshops for new parents. Read more.


Lake Worth West Community Center promotes family unity and community safety through all of our services. We provide services for entire families, as well as referrals to health and human service agencies.


We have many programs for babies, preschoolers and their families through BRIDGES which is funded by Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. Our goals are to increase healthy births, prepare children for the start of school, and have children be at grade level by the time they reach third grade. Read more.


Our services for young people are designed to give them confidence to continue their education, break the cycle of poverty, and stay clear of distractions. We provide homework assistance, after-school programs, special events, and other activities, including our popular college prep club. Read more.


There are many services for adults, including a range of classes, clubs and other activities to become great parents, neighbors and contributors to their community. We provide

child birth classes, family educational workshops, and English language workshops to develop literacy skills. Read more.


Many of our families go through similar experiences as Sandra Bueso. They come to our center in search of a welcoming community and a better understanding of how to raise their young children. They find both – and, in Sandra’s case, a lot more.



Our summer camp for elementary and middle school children is about to start — thanks to the support we recently received from the Jim Moran Foundation. The foundation gave us a $30,000 grant to help[...]
On most workdays, Miriam Santana is out at schools and community meetings, giving out flyers and talking to families about the benefits of BRIDGES at Lake Worth West. The 43-year-old mother of two boys flashes[...]
On a few recent afternoons, our Steps to Success students made sandwiches, collected bags of chips and cookies, and picked up boxes of water. Then, the middle school students in our after-school program brought everything[...]


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