Our hardworking and dedicated staff is there to create educational, recreational and economic opportunities for our residents.

Rhonda Rogers
Chief Executive Officer & President

Rhonda is a strong advocate for high quality services for vulnerable populations.  She specializes in developing and overseeing new and innovative programs, which provide a wide variety of academic and social skills for adults and children. Her commitment to families, children, and youth, and to high-quality programs spans a timeframe of more than two decades.

Rhonda received an Associate in Arts Degree from Palm Beach State College, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management (Cum Laude) from Palm Beach Atlantic University, with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She has earned her Certified Program Planner (CPP) certification from the LERN Institute.

Hilda Wudkiewicz
Parent Educator

Hilda joined our center in 2004 and worked on various positions, including Administrative Assistant, Outreach Coordinator and currently as Parent Educator, whose tasks involve helping parents manage their children’s behavior and emotions in a constructive and non-hurtful ways. One of her favorite topics: positive disciplining – expressing anger without yelling and inspiring parents to improve family relationships. She completed high school in Columbia and in the United States. She went to attend Palm Beach State College and is certified as an administrative assistant.

Mirian Santana
Outreach Coordinator

Mirian started her journey in the United States of America as a Volunteer in our BRIDGES program. She was once an accomplished attorney in the Dominican Republic. Her passion has now brought her from a volunteer to a staff member. She began her employment in the position of Child Watch and was promoted to the position of Outreach Worker. Mirian enjoys sharing her expertise and wonderful resources.



Our staff can be reached at 561-649-9600.

Jennie Carter
Site Administrator & Assistant BRIDGES Director

Jennie has worked for nonprofits for more than 20 years educating and empowering families.  She began as the Outreach Coordinator, she was promoted to Navigator and now she is the Site Administrator & Assistant BRIDGES Director. She serves as the second in command. She supervises the BRIDGES staff and plans and oversees the BRIDGES programs and events.

Jennie eagerness to help families became her passion and has won the respect and trust of many families in the community. As a native from Nicaragua, migrating into the United States, she also knows the hardship families go through adapting to a new culture, language and unfamiliar with the resources available to them.

Aimee De Palma

Aimee is a graduate of Florida International University and has focused the better part of her professional career on work that provides solutions and sustainability. She has eight years of experience with volunteer outreach, donor relations, marketing, and non-profit organizations. A South Florida native, she believes that changing the world begins by addressing the issue in our local communities. Her greatest passion on the job is educating, mentoring, and coordinating programs that aim to treat participants like family.

Veronica Callejas
Child Development Specialist

Veronica is dedicated and passionate about working with families and helping them improve their education. She has worked as a child development specialist for more than 16 years. Veronica believes that Play is essential for the development of children, and it contributes to their cognitive, physical, social-emotional well-being. She specializes in evaluating children and educating parents to interact with them while learning developmental skills to prepare them for the first years of school through Parent-Child activities. 

Veronica is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services specializing in Youth Development. She has an Associate in Arts Degree from Palm Beach State College. And an Early childhood Professional Certificate from the Florida Department of Education. She also has earned a Child Development Associate from the CDA National credentialing Program.

Trevor Rogers
Outreach Worker

Trevor is the Outreach Worker at our BRIDGES at Lake Worth West. He has three years of experience working with children and youth. He began working with our organization as a summer camp counselor and has grown to a valuable member of our outreach team. He is a licensed real estate agent. Trevor is dedicated to helping us grow our organization through outreach and family engagement.